Terms & Conditions

By proceeding to use any of PolySense Solutions Inc. products, you agree to the following:

PolySense Solutions Inc. has done everything reasonable to ensure our products are safe. The customer(s) using PolySense Solutions Inc. products are doing so at their own risk. PolySense Solutions Inc. power supplies are internationally certified and tested as safe devices. Computers and microcontrollers run on low voltage, and are internationally certified and tested. PolySense Solutions Inc. devices as a complete system are currently not certified by a third party, however, extensive testing has been done to ensure devices are safe to use in normal operation. Many safeguards are in place such as fuses, high temperature shut down circuitry. PolySense Solutions Inc. is not responsible for any physical or financial damages or losses incurred due to missed or incorrect notifications. PolySense Solutions Inc. is not in any way responsible for data charges resulting from the use of PolySense Solutions Inc. equipment and or software. This includes charges related to customer receiving or sending notifications from PolySense Solutions Inc. Polysense Solutions Inc. sends and receives encrypted data and has done everything reasonable to ensure it's devices are secure. It is reccomended that the PolySense Solutions Inc. monitor is placed on a guest or seggregated network as opposed to the corporate network, but is not a requirement. PolySense Solutions Inc. is not responsible for any damages, losses, or data breaches with respect to Information Technology and or network infrastructure. It is the customers responsibility to ensure information technology infrastructure such as but not limited to routers, servers, firewalls are secure.